When it comes to flooring installation there are many mistakes that can happen during the process that can compromise the appearance and life span of your flooring. Whether you’re thinking of installing your own floor or hiring a professional, our experts at RCO Tile & Stone offer three levels of support to fit your installation needs.

Not all installations are created equal. Ours is healthier. 

It's how we install.

At RCO we use an antimicrobial flooring installation system that inhibits allergens, dust, mildew and mold to improve the health of your home.

Our installation process delivers a superior level of care for you and your family, and is available at RCO Flooring Outlet at no extra charge. 

  • Removes dust and particles before and after installation
  • Inhibits bacteria growth, mold & mildew
  • Inhibits allergens, pollens, odors, dust, and mites

Beautiful floors. A cleaner, healthier home from RCO Flooring Outlet.


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